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Exactly two years ago, we took on an enormous challenge, bringing two agency practices together as one, putting aside each group’s individual success and swinging for the fences knowing that our combined potential was unlimited. We invested significant time and resources into our talent, space and company because we knew, together, we could push ourselves and our clients to new heights. Some said altering the makeup of two successful agency practices was risky, but to us, the only risk was sticking with the status quo.

Two wonderful years later, it’s hard to remember what life was like before we brought the team together. Still, as many do on birthdays and anniversaries, I wanted to reflect on the three things we’ve accomplished over the past two years that make me most proud to be a part of this team and excited to see where we continue to go: our growth, relationships and industry engagement.


We can measure our growth in several ways, and no matter which data point you look at, it’s been significant. Personally, it’s been most rewarding to see the growth of our collective capabilities. It’s fueled a staff size increase of 50% over the past two years alone and led to the birth of new focused practice areas, including Media Strategy and Buying, while producing award-winning brand experiences. Just as important has been the talent development on our team that has driven this growth, putting us on the cutting edge of market trends and positioning us as thought leaders for media appearances and on dockets at major conferences across the globe.


We’re nothing without our clients and the past two years have brought us the great fortune of building incredible relationships. We’ve worked with the largest government agencies and the the world’s most ambitious philanthropic efforts. We’ve built experiences for Fortune 500 companies and provided a launch pad for successful startups. We’ve worked directly with Army Four-Star Generals and some of our country’s most historic institutions and universities. Our diverse set of clients across industry, sector and size is woven throughout the fabric of our agency. No two days are ever the same around here and that’s the way we like it!

Industry Engagement

There’s no doubt about it, we love being in the mix and in the middle of the communities that matter most to us, hosting events in our space on a weekly basis. In fact, when we moved into this office, we committed ourselves—and our event space—to contributing to the industry, not only as a venue, but also as thought leaders. We’ve forged great partnerships with several of DC’s most prominent communities and meetups, including WordPress, DC API, ACT-IAC, AIGA and AAF, just to name a few. We also regularly host high-profile events with and on behalf for our clients. And when we’re not bringing the industry to us, we’re going to the center of the largest industry gatherings and making our mark. Conservatively, I’d say about 1,400 pizzas flow through CHIEF on an annual basis at our events, but we have many hungry after-work communities and people to serve!

Scott Johnson CHIEF new space

Overall, it’s been an exceptional two years. We’re striving to make it an incredible five, ten and hundred years, putting aside reflection for the time being and focusing on the future. After building out additional office space in our headquarters for our growing company and client roster, we’re continuing to deepen our expertise and broaden our capability set. Where that leads us, time will tell.

But one thing is for sure: we refuse to stand still and we will always Be Brave!