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What’s the formula? What’s the one thing? For CHIEF it’s simple: Always taking on the challenge that’s bigger than ourselves.

For 30 years, that’s what’s powered everything we’ve done. It’s why our brand is “Be Brave,” and why the most important thing we do is Brilliant Work. It’s taken us on a journey from a two-person consultancy to an agency of more than 100. It’s the reason we’re always changing and always growing.

“Be Brave,” in giant letters, welcomes everyone to CHIEF—every member of our team, every client, every peer and every friend. It’s a signal that draws passionate and driven people into our world—people who live for challenges bigger than themselves.

In the spirit of bravery, we kick off our 30th year expanding into bigger spaces, welcoming many new team members, celebrating births and launching a new website. Our new site and our new space are just the beginning of what’s next. The site is built on Drupal 8, and gives us a powerful platform for showcasing our partnership with clients like the FTC, National Park Foundation and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. And it’s the challenge of creating transformative work for these, and other clients that defines us.

Just this morning, as a colleague and I walked past the busy construction site of our new space, she asked how it felt to see the company grow and change so much. I hesitated for a second because I knew, at one level, it’s tremendously gratifying, but I also know that I’m only a small part of it. The real success is shared across our teams who are pushing the limits every day. They constantly take on challenges bigger than themselves, and are the ones building an exciting future for CHIEF.

We've got a strong foundation and a bright path ahead and I, for one, can't wait to see what's next. So cheers to CHIEF—30 never looked so good!