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For designers entrenched in the ever-changing technology world, having a solid foundation in coding can take their careers—and their craft—to new levels.

But getting started can be daunting, so AIGA DC and CHIEF teamed up with the multifaceted John Maeda to bring in three local web practitioners to share their insights on the impact that tech experience can make in the creative space.

In our latest Sketchnote Series, Associate Director Alden Leonard put digital pen-to-paper to visualize the key points from the panel. Take a look at the notes below and tell us what you think on social media.

AIGA DC sketchnote Alden Leonard

Whether you're just dabbling in code or are already waist-deep, we hope this panel gave you the confidence you need to take your craft to new heights.

Want to learn more about visual thinking? Check out Alden’s tips for diving in.