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As we close out Pride Month, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on CHIEF’s support for the LGBT community and reiterate our commitment to diversity and inclusion. For an agency with the mantra “BE BRAVE,” we draw inspiration and strength from those who aren’t afraid to be themselves. This courage has resulted in the LGBT community producing some of the world’s greatest artists, scientists, athletes, entertainers and leaders—and CHIEF is proud to support the entire community in their fight for equal rights.

As a woman- and minority-owned small business, diversity and inclusion have been at the core of our agency from day one (coincidentally, on July 1, 1987). From a recruiting standpoint, we’ve focused on building a diverse team across several additional facets—yes, including traditional demographics—but also building around teammates with a wide variety of professional experience, life experience, college major, etc. It’s all part of bringing together creative ideas, but more importantly, in developing concepts, strategies and experiences that will engage audiences beyond a traditional, narrow demographic filter. We feel fortunate that our partners and clients value our agency’s diversity, and understand what an asset it is for doing our best work.

On a personal note, I’ve been committed to these principles my entire life, seeing my first Pride parade in 1987 (a magical year!) and being raised by parents who’ve devoted much of their lives to serving on diversity councils and interfaith alliances. This alignment of values was a major draw for me to CHIEF. Today, I’m proud to represent CHIEF on AAF-DC’s Board of Directors as the Chair of our Diversity and Multicultural Committee. I’m even more proud to be in a workplace that encourages us to take on these activities.

So as we turn the page on Pride Month, we remember that equal rights are important everyday and we carry this spirit forward in everything we do. To the LGBT community: we’re with you, keep pushing forward and continue to BE BRAVE.