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Technical Content Strategy isn’t yet a commonly heard term in the world of technology. It’s a bit of a mouthful and, up until a few years ago, it didn’t exist. So what is Technical Content Strategy and why has CHIEF created a team of people dedicated to it?

Sometimes known in the web development industry as a Content Analyst or Technical Strategist, the Technical Content Strategist (TCS) is a member of the development team who helps plan out and implement website migrations.

Migrating a website includes a variety of tasks ranging from website and database analysis, migration planning and field mapping, to content remediation and quality assurance (QA). For many years these duties would fall on either a development-savvy Content Strategist or a Developer with a content background.

Over time, as companies began moving their websites from home-grown content management systems into more stable and manageable systems like Wordpress and Drupal, the need to set this role apart from the strategy and development teams has grown.

The TCS role at CHIEF walks the line between Development and Strategy. They are involved throughout the entire project timeline. Here are a few of their key responsibilities:

  • At kickoff, the TCS is responsible for sorting through website crawls and databases, so we can better understand the current content types in the legacy database.
  • During planning, the TCS works with members from the Project Management, Design, User Experience and Strategy Teams to understand the client’s needs and to recommend site improvements.
  • During migration, the TCS works directly with the developer to ensure that the planned fields between the old and new databases are aligned.
  • Post migration, the TCS conducts thorough QA to ensure the content has been mapped correctly and that 301 redirects are created to avoid broken links and retain organic search traffic.
  • Finally, the TCS works with the Technical Manager to support browser and accessibility testing while also preparing the user guide and training documentation for the client.

At CHIEF, the TCS team has been growing steadily over the past year. The members of this team come from diverse backgrounds from Journalism, to Visual and Media Arts, to Information Studies. What they do have in common, however, is a fascination with data and its connection to content.

As web development and content management continue to grow more complex, the need for data to bridge the gap is more important than ever.

Never ones to shy away from transformative change, CHIEF is proud to have built out our Technical Content Strategy practice and advocates its importance every chance we get. We’re excited to see more and more organizations following suit and look forward to further innovations in the field.

Does Technical Content Strategy sound like the field for you? Shoot us a note and tell us why you’d be a good fit.