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As a full-service agency, CHIEF’s expertise spans from strategy and web development to operations and finance. Our team on the ground at SXSW represents this professional diversity, and each attendee is looking forward to particular festival favorites. Check out what each CHIEF attendee can’t wait to see, hear, do or eat at the festival down south:

Scott Johnson, Co-founder and Principal

“Eating crawfish with my CHIEF Posse on the porch of The Shoal Creek Saloon.”

Chris Lester, Principal and Chief Creative Officer

"I’m looking forward to mixing it up with all the interesting people at the events, and attending a ton of sessions. I love Austin, it’s got a great vibe and great food—and at the top of my list will be hosting the CHIEF/Amazon Web Services bash. It’s going to be epic."

Dave Rinaldo, Principal and Chief Operating Officer

“I’m looking forward to thought leadership panels and the innovation that comes out of the festival. And networking, networking, networking!”

Amanda Nguyen, Director of Marketing Strategy

“I’m excited to hear about the continual evolution of storytelling (and platforms) with a focus on more meaningful customer engagement from panelists and attendees at SXSW this year. Oh, and iced Belgian Bombers from Jo's Coffee, of course.” 

Jeff Walter, Creative Director

"SXSW is all about connecting with brave minds that are shaping the future, so I’m looking forward to seeing the creative contributions of attendees from across the country." 

Clay Marshall, Senior Technology Consultant

“I’m passionate about providing technology services to non-profits, so I’m interested in the panels that will examine how—in the world’s current state—we can give back with innovative technology solutions.”

SXSW can definitely be a sensory-overload experience, but this isn’t the first rodeo for many of our attendees. We’re excited to bring the Bravery to SXSW. If you see CHIEF team members around the festival grounds, introduce yourself!

To keep up with our festival adventures, be sure to follow us on social—we’ll be posting to Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook regularly with updates from Austin. Check out our digital hub dedicated to festival to catch up on insights from our attendees on the panels they attend—and the iced coffee and crayfish they consume.

See you in Austin!