Position Details

Front-End Developer (React) CHIEF/ Byte Cubed is looking for a Front-End focused Developer with 4-6 years’ practical experience specializing in JavaScript frameworks Angular and or React to help build robust, performant, user-facing web applications in Java/.net supporting millions of daily users.

About our Team

We are a team of engineers, data scientist and creatives focused on solving complex problems for our clients. We use a React and Redux stack on NodeJS, including Typescript for Static Typing and Jest for unit tests and are migrating to Webpack 4 and completely dockerized continuous deployments. We are a firm that is small enough where you can have a direct impact on the business and large enough to be full stack with room for growth. We enjoy having the perks of both a small company and a large company: we have a small company culture without crazy start-up hours and great employee benefits. We are a hub for local tech networks, events, workshops, and more.

What You'll Do

  • Developing web applications in an agile environment; this entails completing front end development tasks, participating in sizing, planning and retrospective aspects in a sprint based system.
  • Use git in a team based setting, including submitting, testing and accepting merge requests for features/bugs/improvements in branches.
  • Perform self-directed development when needed and exercise critical thinking - review development tasks and and aim to have an in depth understanding of the purpose of the task as part of the greater whole (and defend its validity and necessity or lack thereof).
  • Follow and recommend best practices with regards to front end environment.

What It Takes

  • Front-End focused Developer with 4-6 years
  • Fluent in HTML/CSS/JS
  • Experience in JS testing
  • Thoroughly comprehends JavaScript inheritance and OO programming concepts
  • Experience with a CSS Preprocessor (LESS, SASS, etc)
  • Demonstrated Professional Experience with the React and or AngularJS Framework (Including: consuming services, developing functional apps, testing, and developing to comps)
  • Critical thinking skills (You are able to look at a task and break it down, understand it, and critique it if necessary)
  • Agile environment experience; Capable of working quickly with loose requirements in an iterative manner
  • Experience using source control (git is preferred)
  • Build Systems, Grunt/Gulp/Webpack/etc
  • Basic knowledge of Accessibility Usability/User-centered design
  • An optimist and that is solutions focused
  • A team player interested in making an immediate impact; you write documentation when it can help other developers at scale
  • Must be U.S. Citizen; position is full-time, on-site; no recruiters or agencies please
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent time management skills

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience with TDD/BDD
  • CI/CD experience
  • Experience with multiple JS frameworks
  • Consulting/Contracting experience
  • D3 experience
  • Experience starting a project from scratch
  • Java/Ruby/.Net experience, preferably experience with a web service application using SOAP/XML or JSON
  • Database development experience
  • Complete SDLC ex