Working closely with big thinkers at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative resulted in true brands for change. 

Equipping a Brand to Change the World

Advancing human potential and promoting equality—that is the mission of the groundbreaking $45 billion philanthropic endeavor established by Priscilla Chan and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, aptly named the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI). To bring these ambitious goals to life, CZI uses targeted programs to bring change to the health, education, scientific research and energy sectors. But to effectively inform audiences of each program’s distinct goals and position within the broader CZI platform, Priscilla and Mark needed to define CZI’s primary identity as an organization first. From there, the creation of branding and messaging platforms for each child-focused program—the combination of which would ladder up to the complete CZI identity—would not be as daunting a task.


Content Strategy
Chan Zuckerberg Initiative logo

We began with the logo and key messaging points, brand signals that powerfully communicate what it means to be CZI.

These distinctive identity components also needed to allow for scalability to accommodate the individualized and diverse programs that would comprise the complete CZI brand architecture. First, we tackled the messaging challenge: how do we accurately explain CZI’s multi-faceted aspirational vision while convincing our audience of its feasibility at the same time? We provided messaging that covered all the bases: warm, trustworthy, impressive, inspiring, and easy to understand all at once. Our strategically-designed logo mark—from the hand-gesture quality of the typography to the humanistic completeness represented by the surrounding circle—makes the massive global message of CZI feel both inspiring and personal.

We then pivoted to the CZI website—a home base for the organization and an important connection point with CZI audiences. With a bold color palette and clean layout, the site lets founders Priscilla and Mark do the talking. Pairing the courageous mission statement with moving videography helps convey just how personal this project is to Priscilla and Mark—and their passion is contagious.

CZI Website Homepage
CZI Website

The Results

Today, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is taking on the world’s biggest challenges in science, technology, healthcare and education. The impact of CZI has the potential to ignite global progress and empower a new generation of changemakers—from chemists and physicians, to engineers and educators. As part of our recent CZI launch marketing efforts, our animated video has garnered more than 1 million views. We’re proud to have helped introduce the world to CZI and its inspiring endeavors, and we look forward to helping Priscilla and Mark share their story as the journey continues. We know transformational change starts with bravery—and the rest is rolling up your sleeves and getting to work.