A revitalized and streamlined brand, innovative marketing strategies and a coordinated advertising plan brought YWCA's critical mission to life and reinforced its purpose.

Creating brand clarity.

YWCA has been at the forefront of critical social movements for 150+ years, in keeping with its mission of eliminating racism and empowering women. Shifting landscapes and organizational structures, however, led to an erosion of brand awareness. Meanwhile, hundreds of local YWCA associations nationwide were moving in their own directions—both in terms of brand elements and programmatic outputs.

To draw a clear picture of the current brand—and to build the path forward from there—CHIEF launched into interviews, surveys, a brand audit and a landscape analysis. By gaining a full understanding of the state of current brand perception, we realized there was great brand equity—and hence opportunity—in maintaining the YWCA name. Rather, the change needed to come by reinvigorating the brand platform to rally support around YWCA’s mission.


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CHIEF’s recommendations for an inspired and unified brand identity encouraged YWCA to double down on its position as a mission-driven organization at the helm of a national movement. We activated this position by strengthening core brand identity components—a bold typeface, amplified coloring and usage consistency, active-voice messaging—and brought it to life with collateral, a brand style guide and a training toolkit that YWCA USA could use to assist local associations transition to the new brand. Full brand compliance required visual brand components, of course—but crucially, it also required thinking and speaking like YWCA, from website language and SEO keywords to social messaging and other digital communication outputs.

Thrilled with our work, YWCA re-engaged CHIEF to drive external awareness around the new brand. We developed and launched the #OnAMission national campaign to galvanize awareness and support. #OnAMission included a mix of ROI- focused digital ad buys blended with targeted print and out-of-home placements, as well as a digital strategy to collect stories and fuel social conversations around #OnAMission.

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#OnAMission included a high-impact out-of-home buy in Times Square, the heartbeat of New York and a center of diverse cultures and communities. 

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CHIEF redesigned the YWCA.org homepage in order to bring #OnAMission to life and inspire blog submissions around the ways in which #OnAMission has played out in the lives of YWCA community members.


The Results

The brand strategy, implementation and #OnAMission campaign led to a 60% increase in traffic to YWCA’s website in only the first week of the launch. It also supported the organization’s ability to secure media coverage in Forbes.com, Pix 11 New York, SiriusXM’s “Stand Up with Pete Dominick”, The NonProfit Times, Chronicles of Philanthropy, and many others, all within the first few weeks of the campaign launch.

We Also Provided

  • Monthly presentations to gain internal buy-in around the new brand
  • A brand compliant pitch deck to support local associations’ fundraising efforts
  • Responsive design on a new YWCA homepage
  • Tailored pitch letters to secure press around YWCA’s brand and mission
  • Sample social content to bolster brand awareness
  • Tips & tricks on writing for YWCA’s reinvigorated brand
  • Media planning and buying
  • Advertising creative design and production
  • Campaign monitoring, reporting and optimization