Anuj Vedak

I get to meet and work with so many intelligent people accomplishing so many amazing things. It’s incredibly inspiring and motivating.

As a true industry powerhouse, Anuj draws upon a wealth of marketing and strategy expertise in his role as Chief Performance Officer. He develops digital and e-commerce solutions, as well as distinctive branded content, and he has spearheaded new initiatives to personalize digital relationships with consumers. Anuj caters to blue chip clients—including some of the world’s biggest brands—as well as a host of other companies and organizations looking for his strategic expertise.

Anuj earned a BS in Economics from Northwestern University and completed his MBA at Harvard Business School.


Columbus, IN.

Noteworthy Story or Next Adventure

Before I die, I MUST travel to see the Northwestern Wildcats play in-person at the Rose Bowl (it’s only happened twice in history) and in the NCAA Basketball Tournament (never happened—baffling). I put far too much importance on this stuff…but I need this.

Favorite App/Book/Pub

Spotify. Listening to music keeps me balanced.

DC Go-to's

There is nothing better than a walk or run through the National Mall. I’ve lived here for over three years, but still feel like a tourist every time I meander through the monuments.