Photo of Boris Kan

#BeBrave is a reminder to never be afraid to approach the unknown. As web developer, I get queries from designers, clients and strategies on "how to solve or build X,Y and Z”. I might not always have the answer but I always have the courage to #BeBrave and engage the problem head on.

Boris is an ever-evolving front end developer who likes to tackle visual and user experience problems with any tool in hands—Drupal, Wordpress, Angular, React. He has experience with them all. He likes to take on new challenges and discover unique solutions, all while wearing a smile on his face eagerly anticipating sharing what he has learned. Having to work in non-profit, startup and political campaign firms, Boris has a wide range of experiences engaging a variety of different clients and managing expectations when under pressure and with impending deadline. As a former designer, he understands what it takes to collaborate with colleagues from the CHIEF UX and Design teams, taking extra consideration to bring their visual and interactive visions to the web.

Boris holds a BA in Visual Art from UMBC and Web Development Certificate from Boston University.


Hong Kong, China.

Noteworthy Story or Next Adventure

Looking forward to taking my newborn daughter Ellis on the Cap May-Lewes ferry to see dolphins this summer… hopefully she’ll remember this trip 10 years from now.

Favorite App/Book/Pub

Instagram is my favorite app but I think I spend most of my money on Grubhub.

DC Go-to's

The National Portrait Gallery is my favorite place to spend an afternoon. Sunday’s in Meridian Hill Park are also hard to top.