Photo of Brett

I love that CHIEF empowers its people to be creative, learn and try new things—and also works with clients whose missions I can get behind.

Brett brings a broad background in journalism and love of the written word to CHIEF’s marketing strategist position. In this role, he writes and edits blog pieces, crafts compelling social media posts and produces e-newsletters and other marketing material. Beyond developing and implementing digital marketing initiatives, Brett is strategic thinker who specializes in earned media relations, social media strategy and communications. Above all, Brett’s big thinking, eagerness to always lend a hand and all-around A+ interpersonal skills make him a fun and effective teammate—earning the praises of stakeholders, clients and colleagues alike.

Brett earned a BA Journalism and Mass Communications‬ from the University of South Carolina.


Philadelphia, PA. Yes, I can give you a cheesesteak recommendation. No, I don’t always boo at sporting events.

Noteworthy Story or Next Adventure

Yosemite National Park is one of my favorite places in the world. The last time I was there, my now-wife and I made it up to Tuolumne Meadows in the eastern part of the park. I’ll never forget standing in the meadow, surrounded by the Sierras at sunset, with a giant herd of deer walking around us like we were just part of the scenery.

Favorite App/Book/Pub

I’m one of those adults who will always read a Harry Potter book. I’m also interested in subscription-based journalism—in a tough industry, I love seeing companies strike out to try to find a new way.

DC Go-to's

Drop me at any of DC’s breweries and I’m happy as can be.