Photo of Candice Dexter

I enjoy working with a fantastic group of people, constantly learning and doing work that I love.

Candice is savvy web designer and developer with a particularly creative eye—something that all of her government, nonprofit and private sector clients particularly enjoy and appreciate. In addition to creating user-friendly, highly customized and dynamic websites, Candice is also an expert hand-coder who performs rigorous quality assurance testing on all aspects of her clients’ sites. Her array of skills extends even farther to graphic design, Google Analytics, email marketing, product development, and keeping the CHIEF office well supplied with chocolate treats.

Candice earned a BA in History from Drexel University and an AA in Information Technology-Web Development from Howard Community College.


Michigan and Texas.

Noteworthy Story or Next Adventure

There are so many places I'd love to visit but topping that list is the Maldives!‬‬‬

Favorite App/Book/Pub

SleepyTime—it’s a sleep rhythm app. I’m a night owl and since I’ve been using it I’ve been waking up much less groggy.

DC Go-to's

I'm a sucker for the touristy stuff. There’s so much cool history to explore in DC!