Photo of Dina Rosenblatt

I love that my job requires constant ingenuity. I’ll never reach a point when I can just coast. There’s always something new and challenging to learn.

Dina is a dynamic designer with a background in digital media. While that’s a lot of “D’s” we can assure you that her level of craftsmanship is nothing but A+. Working with CHIEF’s development and strategy teams, Dina creates flexible and responsive graphics for webpages, as well as visually engaging designs to communicate client needs and objectives clearly. She builds upon her deep understanding of digital analytics tools, such as AdWords and Google Analytics, to create graphics that are tailored to various digital channels. Designing for digital media is the wave of the future and Dina sure knows how to hang ten.

Dina holds a BA in Anthropology from Boston University.


Aberdeen, NJ. 

Noteworthy Story or Next Adventure

I spent six months studying abroad in New Zealand—I’d love to go back someday!

Favorite App/Book/Pub

Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie.

DC Go-to's

Meridian Hill Park provides such sanctuary from the busy city.