Joseph Vilchez

I love using my IT expertise to help others do their work more efficiently.

Forever fascinated with the way things work, as a child Joseph used to take apart his toys and put them back together again. In his role at CHIEF, he tinkers with things a bit more complicated by supporting the agency’s entire IT infrastructure. From resolving service issues to configuring wireless routers and installing network printers, his behind-the-scenes handiwork keeps CHIEF running like a well-oiled machine. Joseph’s strong background in system installation, repair, troubleshooting and maintenance has given him a deep understanding of the broader information technology landscape and its central role in business operations. So whether it’s mission-critical or just Mattel, Mr. Fixit Joseph keeps us print-ready, plugged-in and powered-up.

Joseph earned a BS in Computer Information Systems from Strayer University.


I was born in Peru, but my wife and I moved to the US almost 14 years ago. We now live in Rockville, MD.

Noteworthy Story or Next Adventure

I had the opportunity to work on a cruise ship for several years and it allowed me to travel around the world.

DC Go-to's

I love to visit all the Smithsonian Museums and outdoors events with my family.