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I am passionate about designing websites and applications that are easy to use. It’s easy to make things complicated. It’s much more challenging to create simple and intuitive designs.

Kate is a user experience specialist adept at translating government communication needs into digital strategies that enhance the citizen experience and achieve project goals. With a passion for making user-centric decisions, she uses Google Analytics to track usage trends and make data-driven recommendations to optimize websites and other digital platforms. Kate is committed to industry best practices and knows the ins and outs of accessibility, responsive design and plain language standards. This diverse and in-demand skillset enables her to create elegant and intuitive digital products for government and commercial clients alike.

Kate holds a BA in Media Arts and Design from James Madison University.


Alexandria, VA. 

Noteworthy Story or Next Adventure

I studied abroad in Florence, Italy where I lived with a host family. Eating delicious home-cooked Italian food while consulting an Italian-English dictionary to make conversation was quite the experience.

Favorite App/Book/Pub
DC Go-to's

Wherever there’s a rooftop or outdoor seating, that’s where you’ll find me!