Kate Schuler

#BeBrave means not being afraid to ask the simple questions — often more than once — that help get to the heart of a client’s mission and what they need. The questions may be simple, but the answers tell a nuanced story of what is most important to the people and the organizations we serve.

With a communications career spanning journalism, filmmaking and marketing, Kate considers it all when thinking about the best platforms and strongest angles for storytelling. At CHIEF, Kate is the account and strategy lead for a major brand and marketing client portfolio and manages a large cross-functional team. She touches every stage of the marketing process—from conception and implementation through completion—with ideas that build awareness and engagement between audiences and brands. Kate has a love for all things data-driven, and develops campaigns and marketing efforts with strategies grounded in numbers. She believes deeply in learning from past performance and pushing forward armed with new information.

Kate received her Bachelor of Arts in Humanities from Yale University, as well as her Master of Fine Arts in Film and Electronic Media from American University.


Silver Spring, MD

Noteworthy Story or Next Adventure

I recently spent time in Nepal, working on a program for women filmmakers and advocates.

Favorite App/Book/Pub

Any maps app (Citymapper, Google, Waze, Apple, even the Compass app) — I use them all and often. I still manage to get myself lost, but that can sometimes lead to great adventures!

DC Go-to's

Out in Silver Spring at Wheaton Regional Park, there’s a miniature train that takes people through acres of beautiful gardens and woods. In high school, my older sister had a summer job driving that train and I thought it was just about the coolest thing ever.