Photo of Marcia Ortiz

#BeBrave means valuing the work and expertise of your colleagues—working smart and collaboratively in order to come up with the best solutions for our clients.

Marcia isn’t intimidated by complexity. In fact, she craves it. In her role as CHIEF’s Technical Manager, Marcia manages complex web projects by leading teams of developers to achieve client goals. Day to day, she collaborates with user experience and content strategists to ensure that CHIEF’s digital solutions are vetted for technical feasibility. Adding to Marcia’s strong interpersonal skills is her background in SEO/SEM optimization and campaign monitoring that has given her a depth of understanding and ability to work with with cross-functional teams. She may not officially be bilingual but Marcia can sure “talk tech” and “speak strategy” fluently.

Marcia holds a BS in Marketing Management from Virginia Tech.


Virginia Beach, VA.

Noteworthy Story or Next Adventure

‬‬‬‬Tokyo and Macau are high on my list!‬‬

Favorite App/Book/Pub

Spotify—there is a playlist for every mood/moment.

DC Go-to's

9:30 Club is hands-down the best concert venue on the East Coast.