Margaret Johnson

We wanted to create a workplace where people are respected, trusted and allowed to be the best person they can be, both personally and professionally. We wanted a place that strived for a good work-life balance before anyone was even thinking about that. I’m pretty proud to say we’ve built that very thing.

Margaret and her husband Scott founded Rock Creek—now CHIEF—back in 1987, and now serves as investor and advisor in the new company with ByteCubed.


Almost a native Washingtonian, I have lived in DC for 45+ years. But I was born in Ayer, MA, and later moved to “lovely” Ocala, FL, before coming to DC.

Noteworthy Story or Next Adventure

I would like to spend a month (or two!) in Tuscany, eating and drinking like the locals and with the locals. 

Favorite App/Book/Pub

My favorite children’s book was a series of books featuring a little dog named, Mr. Lunch, written by Vivian Walsh with illustrations by J. Otto Seibold. Scott and I found the series in a used bookstore and they were an instant hit with our two children. We still, to this day, reference phrases from the books as our little inside secret.

DC Go-to's

I love going to the theatre and I am amazed by the quality of the productions that we have in DC. The city supports everything from large musical productions to small stages in churches and synagogues, and everything in between! I try to see as many as I can.