Photo of Margaret Wedgewood

I love being part of the process that helps clients tell their story.

Margaret knows the magnitude of multitasking required to be a high-performing project manager, and she juggles it all with ease! As Traffic Manager, she leads resourcing for CHIEF’s Design department, overseeing the traffic workflow and keeping projects and the department running smoothly. To coordinate the timely flow of complex projects, Margaret develops and manages schedules, ensuring projects are delivered on time. She also works closely with the Design Team to ensure project and budget goals are satisfied. Best of all, Margaret never misses an opportunity to stay ahead of the curve, often predicting potential conflicts or client requests before they happen. Margaret the magician!

She holds a BA in Architecture and Urbanism from Smith College.


Oakland, CA.

Noteworthy Story or Next Adventure

After spending a week in Maine, my longtime boyfriend and I got stuck in Portland due to weather. Our unexpected extra day of vacation made us feel a little reckless and over lunch we decided to get married. So we finished our meal and walked up the hill to City Hall.

Favorite App/Book/Pub
DC Go-to's

Hanging on a rooftop when it’s warm, and having cocktails at Petworth Citizen when it’s cold.