Michael Strawther

Knowing that my team is helping make a difference for those in need through the power of video and design is what I enjoy the most in my role.

Michael brings information and stories to life through compelling visual arts. A talented designer and videographer, he is passionate about creating still and motion picture products that tell engaging stories to help clients form relationships with their audiences. With over five years of experience, Michael has developed electronic and print marketing collateral for more than 100 real estate clients, created logos and motion graphics for cable programming and promo reels and coordinated studio setup in preparation for high-budget shoots. A creative mind and brave thinker, Michael transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Michael earned a BA in Communication, Electronic and Print Journalism from Virginia Tech.


Los Alamitos, CA

Noteworthy Story or Next Adventure

My backpacking trip where I visited places like Maribor (Slovenia), Lake Bled (Slovenia–highly recommended), Venice, Florence, Rome, Zadar (Croatia), Prague, Paris, Interlaken and then finally ended in München for Oktoberfest. Seeing the variety in culture and history in so many places was fascinating and humbling.

Favorite App/Book/Pub

I am very amused by Twitter and all of its A+ content.‬‬‬

DC Go-to's

I love taking advantage of the spring and fall weather—best times of year in DC.