Taylor Wuerth

#BeBrave means conquering that moment of hesitation that occurs before any bold and exciting decision. Overcome that and you’re already being brave! 

Taylor is a multifaceted marketing strategist with experience in social media management and implementing digital and print marketing campaigns, events and promotions. With a knack for numbers and nuance, Taylor can be found crafting campaign content and then evaluating its impact by defining metrics for success and measuring the key performance indicators. Taylor combines qualitative data with quantitative insights to form comprehensive marketing strategies that drive our clients missions. Power to ya, Taylor.

He holds a BA in Marketing from Westminster College.


I am a native spud from the land of Boise, ID. I swear we have more than just potatoes!

Noteworthy Story or Next Adventure

My travel wish would be to visit Japan to snowboard Mt. Fuji.‬‬

DC Go-to's

Shhhh…. Don’t tell anyone, but Blagden Alley is the place to be! New restaurants and a draft latte that is on point.