We recruited nearly every team at CHIEF to help the Army National Guard improve marketing and branding.

Pumping up efforts to reach new audiences for physical fitness programs.

The Army National Guard (ARNG) uses fitness programs nationwide to build meaningful, long-term relationships with students and the education community. These programs are a valuable community service and serve a crucial role in recruiting and preparing students for Guard service—but capturing millennial attention is not an easy task. To attract the Web. 2.0 generation, ARNG realized it needed to put new tactics for engaging youth into action.


Marketing & Communications Strategy
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Army National Guard, Guard Fit Challenge homepage

Over the course of a winning three-year relationship, CHIEF delivered branding and marketing strategies, training materials, and on- and offline programming for Partners in Education—the umbrella program—and the YOU CAN School Program. The partnership was so productive that it engendered two entirely new programs as well: the HUMVEE School Program and Guard Fit Challenge.

We began with interviews and focus groups, a survey and an assessment of current school programs’ communications materials to understand the current marketing landscape and identify new opportunities. CHIEF then teamed up with subject matter experts to craft a powerful communications plan for the two new programs leveraging print communication, websites, interactive training modules, mobile apps and social media.

To give each program its own distinct look and feel, CHIEF designed a series of distinctive brand identities, making sure to incorporate visual elements from the umbrella program in all of them. To ensure consistent implementation of all program identities, we developed and applied brand standards when creating a wide variety of communications materials for ARNG, including print, web and materials to be used in presentations.

Finally, CHIEF vigorously targeted new audiences online. We redesigned the outdated YOU CAN School Program website and created original designs for Partners in Education, HUMVEE School Program and Guard Fit Challenge. With search engine marketing and social media efforts, we introduced the world to the new sites by driving significant traffic to them.

Each site CHIEF developed is Section 508 compliant, easily editable through a content management system (CMS), and rich with interactive elements to keep visitors engaged.

CHIEF was also the first contractor to develop mobile applications for the Army National Guard.

The Results

By demonstrating the value ARNG brings to schools and communities, we helped build a relationship of trust between educators and the recruiting force. In one three-month period, National Guard representatives presented the school programs to more than 12,000 students, and more than 100 teachers have requested classroom presentations—a signal of the programs’ effectiveness.

“They strive to make themselves an extension of your organization… I view CHIEF as extended members of the National Guard Recruiting Team. They’re much more than just ‘contracted’ help—they’re trusted colleagues.” “[CHIEF] is an honest company and holds the best interests of clients at the forefront of the decision-making process. I just wish that all other contractors operated with the same ‘stewardship’ of the government's funds.” – Master Sergeant Lloyd Bowers, Army National Guard