A name can't change in a vacuum. CHIEF helped Enverra communicate its new identity with cohesive messaging and an eye-catching aesthetic.

Innovating industry to launch an empowering Enverra brand.

To demonstrate growth and innovation, United Global Resources (UGR) made the bold move to embark on a strategic renaming process. Enverra was born, and CHIEF was engaged to develop a unified brand identity system that represented the ways in which Enverra investments are positively impacting global sustainability.


Interactive Design

Before overhauling the brand, we needed to confront the question of why UGR decided to change its name in the first place. To begin this work, we immersed ourselves in the past world of UGR in order to craft a vision for an innovative Enverra brand. This involved in-depth user interviews with a strategic selection of Enverra leaders—we needed to know what the change represented for them, and what, in their opinion, the new brand aspired to be.

Enverra Logo and Tagline

Building upon these insights, CHIEF created brand expressions that articulated Enverra’s essence—impact-driven investment with a commitment to advancing innovation and building consensus around global sustainability—in a vivid way. We also built out a positioning statement and thematic messaging to support this position, and we packaged all identity components into a unified brand guide to facilitate a streamlined rollout across internal and external channels. For the new look, we developed a single, unified aesthetic that set it apart from UGR, but also connected with past UGR audiences and brought them into the fold of the new Enverra.

From an inspiring logo, modern brand colors and bold typefaces, to branded communication templates and marketing collateral, our visual makeover established Enverra as a company that is always looking forward.

Enverra Website Homepage


Enverra Branded World Map
Enverra Brochure

The Results

Our mission to support Enverra began with a simple but powerful question: why are you here? The answer: we’re here to help organizations like yours find their way in a new world.

Our work beyond that spoke for itself and successfully supported Enverra’s transition to its new identity, or in the words of our partners:

“Enverra's rebranding had meaningful impacts throughout the organization. Our team rallied behind the new brand with renewed focus on our mission as a firm. Clients are more engaged and we're finding it easier to attract and win new business. CHIEF is excellent at challenging firms to push their boundaries and communicate in ways that stand out from the competition.”

Therein lies the real win—it’s in the feeling we get when we help a great company like Enverra live up to its purpose.