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A powerful search tool that empowers people to find local national parks and plan an adventure? That’s exactly what we created for the National Park Service and National Park Foundation campaign, Find Your Park.

Building a database to connect people with national parks.

To commemorate the National Park Service’s (NPS) 100th birthday, NPS teamed up with the National Park Foundation (NPF) to launch Find Your Park (FYP). The campaign encouraged people to enjoy the beauty of the country’s national parks and raise awareness of the activities the parks offer.

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Content Strategy
User Experience
Interactive Design
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Once the centennial celebration had passed, NPS and NPF approached CHIEF to reimagine the future of FYP while maintaining the main aspect of the site: the search function. 

We were tasked with redefining the campaign messaging and redesigning the website to provide the client with a product that would extend beyond the 100th year.

Finding a Better Way to Search

This wasn’t a traditional project. We didn’t have an ordinary intake or start with a sitemap. Instead, we employed an agile technique to successfully complete our work on a short timeline. 

We were asked to enhance the capability of the existing search function and saw an opportunity to do so by including the ability to search by activity as well as park locations by state. We combed through several publicly available databases and combined information from each of them to create an in-depth search that gives users a comprehensive way to plan their next park adventure.  

By running agile, we had a database prototype ready for the client in about two weeks. Once we finalized the search function, we dove into producing other areas of the site. 

We wanted the site to truly speak to people who love to trek through national parks. We developed a conversational tone and kept copy light to connect with those outdoor enthusiasts  and encourage them to use the search function to plan their next adventure. 

Aside from updating the search function, we knew there was more we could do to take FYP to the next level. We conducted comparative research to understand the benefit of creating a homepage video and found it would elevate the overall experience for users engaging with the site. We worked with our client to choose and use content that needed to be included in the video before bringing it in-house to produce. The final product highlights awe-inspiring moments from national parks across the country, and makes even the most unadventurous want to pack up their things and get outside.

Assorted detail views of the website

The Results

Now when you visit the Find Your Park site, you’ll be greeted by a stunning homepage video and have access to an in-depth search function that allows you to find a nearby national park and the activities you can expect to enjoy there.

The end result was exactly what we were striving for: a brave and bold site that inspires people to find and enjoy their local national parks. 

Feeling motivated to find your park? We’ll see you out there.