Using the power of good design to shine a light on off-grid electricity.

Two Pioneering Organizations

The Lighting Africa and Lighting Global programs catalyze the growth of the off-grid solar market—and this means energy access for 1.2 billion people worldwide without grid electricity. As a brainchild of the World Bank, with support from IFC and other industry partners, the programs work by mobilizing private sector investment through market intelligence, quality assurance, business support services and consumer education. To attract partners and investors while expanding their impact worldwide, the programs needed modern websites that captured the spirit of such forward-thinking work. 


Interactive Design
User Experience

Awards & Recognitions

W3 Awards

Best in Show: Non-Profit Website

MarCom Awards

Honorable Mention

Lighting africa layout on desktop and mobile

We began with a robust discovery phase, delving into the nuts and bolts of the brands and their interrelatedness—as well as requirements and goals for the website. We achieved a comprehensive understanding of the various stakeholders involved, as well as a clear picture of user needs, goals and priorities. 

With a strategic approach in place, our Design Team got to work— bringing the brands to life as complementary but distinct WordPress sites. For Lighting Africa, we evoked the concept of ‘light’ by using a diagonal yellow stripe throughout the site. By using graphic treatments to pull the people and the products they use into focus, we created an incredibly emotive, engaging and immersive experience. Meanwhile, for Lighting Global, we brightened and expanded upon the existing color palette—a subtle yet important way to differentiate the two organizations. We also focused on mobile design because of their unique content considerations.

The lighting global website as viewed on a tablet device.

Throughout the entire design and development process, we kept audience needs top of mind—using scalable vector graphics (SVG) to decrease file size and increase page load time for audiences located in areas with varying internet speed.


The Result

Two visually stunning websites that are accessible to audiences worldwide, and spark the kind of emotion and engagement necessary to grow the program audiences and expand their impact. In fact, Lighting Africa’s site was not only recognized as ‘Best in Show’ at the W3 Awards but users found it so compelling that they spent 54% more time on the redesigned website than in the year prior—and from where we’re standing, the future's looking bright.