Breathtaking imagery, inspired content strategy and a streamlined architecture gave new life to the award-winning National Park Foundation website.

Making Parks Personal

Our national parks are undeniably American treasures—landscapes and historic sites that rely on private as well as public support. While direct donations through the National Park Foundation (NPF) site are the best way for private citizens to support these special places, audiences often confused NPF for their government counterpart, the National Park Service. And this haziness grew thicker given the lack of a clear position on NPF’s old site.

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Awards & Recognitions

American Advertising Awards

Gold: Responsive Design

AIGA 50 Competition


Horizon Interactive Awards

Best in Category: Nonprofit Website

Webby Awards

Honoree: Best Use of Photography

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National Park Foundation homepage

CHIEF knew that NPF’s goals could only be achieved by surfacing their mission more clearly and nurturing the personal connections people have with NPF-supported parks. What more powerful way to create those connections to the NPF mission than to put the beauty of the parks at the front-and-center of the new site? We used breathtaking, immersive imagery and bold heading statements to capture the visitor's eye.

A streamlined information architecture helped untangle NPF’s extensive programmatic work—enticing readers to learn more about NPF’s programs within the parks and encourage support of that work. We also built out and streamlined functionality to allow site visitors to quickly upload their own park stories and images, creating a tangible reminder that the parks truly belong to all of us—and are a shared responsibility for all to care for.

Mobile and desktop views of the Explore Parks section side-by-side

Our calls-to-action, supported with enticing language and positioned on high priority pages, further reinforce user support of the parks. Our language is equally as colorful and inspirational as our chosen imagery, intentionally designed to remind users of their direct impact on these special places. And to counterbalance the weight of these large visuals, we blended in all-important SEO-first thinking and keywords to maximize impact.

Finally, we trained NPF’s content managers on the easy-to-manage Drupal CMS, allowing them to make seamless site updates and alleviating the frustrations they felt with the non-responsive, complicated nature of their old site.

Given the quick turnaround needed for this project—slated to launch in tandem with the 100th year anniversary of the National Park Service—CHIEF turned to an agile-based approach to stand up the new site on time and on budget.

The Result 

Webby honoree badge

The new is a stunning, user-first, easy-to-manage website that harnesses the innate beauty of these natural wonders, elevates NPF’s mission and reminds visitors of the direct impact they can have on these special places. In the words of our NPF partners: “We really appreciate all of CHIEF’s hard work making the site success. We couldn’t ask for a better team. CHIEF was the best at understanding who we were, our goals and where we wanted to take the brand and organization. They ‘Got it.’”