We strove to communicate that new management solutions are transforming the energy industry, and that Nextility is leading the way. Our work delivered. 

Plugging an energy company in to its new identity.

Despite its sterling reputation in the solar energy sector, Skyline Innovations knew that in order to compete in an evolving marketplace, the company needed to diversify its product portfolio and develop its brand position as an energy platform company. CHIEF stepped in to light the pathway to success.


Nextility Logo

Typically when people think about energy providers, the words “friendly,” “transparent” and “innovative” aren’t the first adjectives that come to mind. Through a series of in-depth conversations with customers and internal stakeholders, however, CHIEF realized that these were the exact characteristics that made the company so unique—and so Nextility was born. The new name reflects the company’s position as a new kind of utility company—one that takes a customer-first approach to providing better products and services.

Nextility branded material

CHIEF provided brand application templates and visual materials to support the Nextility rollout across various online and offline channels, including everything from stationery and building signage to advertising spreads and mobile designs.

To bring the new brand to life and combat the noise from competing energy companies, CHIEF built a full brand platform around the new Nextility name. Brand messaging—including mission and vision statements, two elevator pitches, and positioning and brand promise statements—articulated Nextility’s use of advanced technology to ensure that customers were getting the most for their money. We also defined the company’s core values—the friendliness, transparency, simplicity, service, and relationship-first foundation upon which the company was built.

The next logical question: how could Nextility communicate each of these, together? We developed cues around tone and voice to better scale the brand and train internal stakeholders on its communication. This work coalesced to become a full spectrum brand style guide, including messaging, logos and identity applications, color versioning, typography, color palette, photography and illustrations, and guidance around usage for each of the packaged identity components.

Nextility New Energy Layout

The Results

CHIEF gave Nextility the power to define its competitive advantage as the energy company that puts the “you” in utility. Our messaging and visual identity work gave life to the new brand, and the brand guide supported Nextility’s ability to implement and stay true to this new identity—one that both employees and customers can get charged up about.