Delivering on a brand sometimes means pushing farther, and when it's personal—as it was for CHIEF and The Primary School—the work will reflect it.

Lending a hand (and a heart) to a visionary education initiative.

Through CHIEF’s partnership with the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, we’ve had the opportunity to help bring multiple world-changing ideas to life—The Primary School, in particular, is one that is very close to our hearts. An innovative and holistic approach to child development, The Primary School weaves together primary care and primary education through the most critical life stages, from birth into high school, to serve the unmet needs of children and their families.



Awards & Recognitions

AIGA 50 Competition


The Primary School Identity

From an inspiring logo to modern brand colors and bold typography, the brand identity magnifies The Primary School’s commitment to bringing out the potential in every child.

To gain the perspective necessary to develop a powerful brand, we performed thorough client research and intake, gaining insight into The Primary School’s audiences, objectives and mission. Through inspiring meetings with Priscilla Chan, The Primary School’s CEO and founder, we developed our brand vision and a series of unique and distinctive concepts for this unprecedented initiative.

The Primary School Interactive Elements

Fueled with insight and inspiration, CHIEF created a brand identity that articulated The Primary School’s essence: the integration of health and education as a means of dramatically improving life outcomes for underserved children. The symbolism of the brand’s hand and heart logo speaks to each child’s unique physical, emotional and mental well-being, all of which come together at The Primary School to empower and nurture the child through every aspect of life.

CHIEF also developed an expanded identity system including custom illustration that symbolically captures the building blocks of formative life experiences and the school’s unique values. Imagery and color palette blend together to spark imagination and point to the sense of place and community that supports a child’s power to dream, achieve and succeed.

The Primary School Building Concept
The Primary School Brand Book

The Results

Chris Lester, CHIEF Principal and Chief Creative Officer, says it best: “This is an incredibly important project—it’s the kind of work we live for. Having a partner with such a powerful vision and deep commitment to solving the challenges that face our society has made this work not only intensely fulfilling, but also deeply personal.

The Primary School opened in East Palo Alto in the fall of 2016, and is redefining the promise of education. We remain incredibly inspired by the school’s mission, and we are proud to continue supporting the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative in all of its endeavors.