Emotionally compelling imagery, creative language and seamless content management renewed No Kid Hungry’s digital presence, and facilitated user engagement.

Helping the One in Six

To one in six children in the U.S., hunger isn’t just the occasional rumbling between meals—but a daily struggle to survive. To help shed light on our nation’s need for food security and bring about change for those who need it most, Share Our Strength created the No Kid Hungry campaign and charged CHIEF with making their message compelling and accessible to a new generation of donors and activists through the redesign of two of their flagship websites: nokidhungry.org and events.nokidhungry.org


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2018 W3 Awards

Gold, Charitable Organization Website

Detail view of the nokidhungry.org homepage

Fresh Site Sparks Emotional Response

CHIEF knew that in order to increase interest and engagement with the No Kid Hungry cause, we needed to redesign the website to elicit an emotional response from audiences and equip them with the digital tools needed to incite change.

With these goals in mind, CHIEF redesigned the site to put the No Kid Hungry mission front and center—effectively communicating the brand’s purpose by showing audiences the connection between the problem and the organization’s unique methods of battling it.

Using bold and emotionally-charged content, the redesigned site features visual stories, more display options for video and long- and short-form content, as well as several easily-accessible conversion buttons—including sign-up and donation opportunities in the top navigation bar, and on the site’s home and subpages.

No only that, but the CHIEF team migrated the No Kid Hungry site from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8, making the content management system easier to use in the process. Taken together, the new and improved nokidhungry.org features a sleek, striking, web design that’s easy for admins to use and has resulted in increased conversion metrics for the groups critical cause.

Connecting Online and In Person

In addition to support from online engagement, No Kid Hungry also hosts dinners and a culinary events, proceeds from which benefit children nationwide. The team sought a redesigned website that belonged within with the Share Our Strength ecosystem and No Kid Hungry brand, but with a distinct look-and-feel and CMS workflow.

No Kid Hungry — Culinary Events homepage on desktop and mobile

The new site features an interactive map, as well as IT location recognition that sends users notifications about events near them—ensuring that everything connects back to the overarching No Kid Hungry mission.

The new Culinary Events site gives a large nationwide team the ability to craft tailored content that captures the spirit of these events—all with an intuitive and easy-to-manage WordPress backend—that allows for the right mix of customization, as well as governance to ensure each post and page maintains the integrity of the stunning design.

The Results

In the first month of the No Kid Hungry site launch, users demonstrated more meaningful digital engagement than ever before, including a nearly 50% increase in pageviews and pages per session over the previous year. Users are visiting the site more already and connecting with the powerful content No Kid Hungry produces.

Most importantly, No Kid Hungry has two captivating, user-friendly platforms to showcase its brand and mission and remind visitors of the tremendous impact they can have on others’ lives. More to come from this exciting engagement as we continue to refine their online experience.