Cutting-edge digital strategies. Innovative marketing powered by research. Inspiring content delivered to the right audiences at the right time. Together, these are the driving forces behind CHIEF’s partnership with Bureau Of International Information Programs (IIP) to reinvent public diplomacy and effect on-the-ground change abroad.

The Art of Diplomacy

Throughout its history, the Bureau of International Information Programs (IIP) has advanced its mission—to engage foreign publics on U.S. foreign policy—through a range of programs and platforms. But as the Bureau began to shift towards a primarily digital presence, some of their content was getting lost in the shuffle. IIP needed a better way for people to interact with its content—and each other—as well as more effective strategies for reaching audiences abroad. Enter CHIEF.  


Content Strategy
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Awards & Recognitions

MarCom Awards

Honorable Mention: TechCamp

CHIEF has been IIP’s trusted partner since 2015, collaborating with the Bureau on its signature initiatives to develop cutting-edge, digital-first approaches to public engagement. From data-driven campaigns to experiential websites, striking designs and brands, compelling original content, and efficient paid media plans, CHIEF continually bridges the gap between possibility and reality in diplomacy, boldly challenging assumptions about what’s possible in government work.

Holistic, Global Outreach Strategies

Two of IIP’s signature programs—the Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) Network and Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) Network—provided CHIEF a unique challenge: reaching and engaging global youth populations. These programs empower young adults in Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America, respectively, by providing them the skills and knowledge to create change in their communities. Through campaigns focused on topics such as women’s rights, climate change, civic engagement, and government transparency, these youth networks are transforming online learning into real-world impact.

But engaging diverse populations across an array of digital platforms is no simple task. To attract new members and ramp up overall participation, both programs needed to get smarter about their outreach. To help them do that, CHIEF delivered:

  • In-depth user research: CHIEF conducted user interviews, member surveys, and reviewed website analytics to better understand the motivations and challenges of IIP’s global audiences. The results—including responses from 200,000 members—informed our decisions as we tailored each network’s marketing and content strategy plans.
  • Revamped email strategy: Guided by research, CHIEF developed a geo-targeted email strategy that uses less bandwidth-intensive messaging, content, and cadence, thus accommodating users with unreliable internet access. We also created original email templates designed to engage members and established A/B testing strategies.
  • Data maintenance: To support the email strategy, CHIEF consolidated and refined the YALI Network’s data, allowing the IIP team to conduct more tailored campaigns.
  • Custom WordPress plugin: To capture new subscribers and integrate seamlessly with IIP’s customer relationship management (CRM) database, CHIEF developed a custom, adaptable plugin designed to meet IIP’s ever-changing technical needs.
  • Data-focused content: Through A/B testing, CHIEF provided IIP a stronger understanding of which social media content performs best, leading to more efficient spending on promoted posts. Similarly, our research-backed, targeted approach to paid search and display advertising has allowed CHIEF to achieve IIP’s goals at far less expense than traditional advertising.
  • Striking visual designs: CHIEF consistently provides IIP with striking visual designs for use across websites, print collateral, advertisements, and social media.
YALI Flyer

Within one year, CHIEF’s efforts helped the YALI Network more than double its email subscriber list, far surpassing IIP’s goal for the year by more than 50%. At the same time, the Network’s Facebook page likes doubled and its Twitter conversion rate increased by 61%. Even more recently, a paid media campaign netted the YALI Network more than 32,000 email registrations, exceeding their campaign goal by 33%. And in the second half of 2017 alone, the YALI Network’s Facebook page saw a 72.8% increase in likes, with our social content posts and ad recommendations reaching record performance.

But aside from the numbers, we’re inspired by the work the YALI and YLAI Networks accomplish on a daily basis. By encouraging volunteer work, climate activism, education, gender equality, and more, these initiatives empower young leaders to take on some of the world’s most pressing issues, and to effect meaningful change in their communities.

Our partnership continues to refine and extend the reach of ShareAmerica, IIP’s web platform for publishing short-form, shareable human interest stories about American life and values. Interested in reaching new audiences, IIP enlisted CHIEF’s help to connect users with ShareAmerica’s content by driving traffic to featured articles and building a better foundation for organic growth.

UX card sorting

CHIEF’s copywriters deliver engaging original content for ShareAmerica platform, as well as strategies to ensure the content reaches target audiences. Leveraging the BBC and other content marketing platforms, we successfully targeted audience segments and specific geographies abroad to promote ShareAmerica articles through paid content marketing campaigns featuring original copy and creative ad units.

Innovative Website Experiences

CHIEF has lent our strategy, user experience, and technology expertise to sharpen and enhance IIP’s web properties and reach global publics in transformative new ways.

Executive Workshops

CHIEF led a workshop with key Department of State stakeholders to explore the vision, goals, audiences, and execution. This effort sought to assess, realign, and build a strategy around, a massive ecosystem of more than 30 web properties. Employing a mix of interactive activities, design thinking, and data-driven discovery efforts resulted in greater visibility and alignment among State leadership for the highly complex, multi-year project.


Website Redesign & Development

IIP’s TechCamp, a program that brings together thought leaders from around the world to solve global challenges through technology, needed a web presence to reflect its tech-forward vision. CHIEF’s challenge? To design a website that balances the temporary nature of TechCamp’s event-focused content with the program’s long-term impact.

Techcamp Responsive Design
Techcamp Tote

Following a thorough discovery phase, CHIEF crafted a new TechCamp website that beautifully balances both priorities. In addition to a new, dynamic visual brand identity, the new website features a fully responsive, user-friendly layout and streamlined interface that allows users to more easily navigate content and find event information. Based on our research insights, CHIEF built the site to accommodate global users with lower bandwidth capacity and provided an integrated messaging platform, ensuring that participants around the globe can connect with ease.

TechCamp’s website refresh has helped establish the program as a pioneer in government tech, inspiring visitors to comment, “Wait, that’s a government website?!? Cool!” The site also received industry recognition in the 2017 MarCom Awards.

A Trusted Partner

Throughout our engagements, CHIEF’s relationship with IIP has grown through a deep trust and seamless collaborative process. IIP relies on CHIEF for both expertise and candor in our recommendations, and through this openness, we reach breakthroughs at every level—from record Facebook campaign performance to challenging conversations to determine the future of

The Results

To bring these numbers into perspective, CHIEF delivers innovative reports that provide greater visibility and accountability to IIP’s work. Through these, and the transformative work itself, our partnership is making a stronger case than ever for IIP’s important mission.

Additional Support

  • Tailored social media, web and blog content
  • Analytics reporting and insights
  • Paid media campaign monitoring, reporting and optimization
  • Brand identity
  • Custom WordPress plugins, web development, and migration