Through captivating content strategy, diligent user experience best practices and brilliant design, CHIEF brought over 40 different websites together to create It's Your Yale.

An Ivy League Website in a League of Its Own

40 different websites, each with its own design and content: this was the Yale University employee portal experience before CHIEF came along. To meet the needs of staff from various departments, all with different goals and priorities, Yale needed to create a single, streamlined center of information for all employees. CHIEF was determined to make it possible by collapsing thousands of web pages into one resource hub.


Content Strategy
User Experience
Interactive Design
Yale website

We began with a robust discovery phase, making the journey up to New Haven for an immersive series of strategic and UX stakeholder interviews and focus groups designed to help us get in the heads of Yale’s distinct employee groups. We came back to CHIEF with a solid understanding of user needs, goals and priorities, and proceeded to conduct additional user research activities, including card sorting and navigation model testing activities, as we worked out the new site’s information architecture and equipped our design and development teams with a clear path forward.

Yale Trello board

To tackle the build, our team utilized agile methodologies: with scrum meetings, cross-functional design work and strategic iterations of development, we maximized our time and enhanced our process, collaborating with Yale every step of the way. The team used JIRA software to develop and manage the backlog, handle sprint management, and set timeboxed iterations that made expectations clear and objectives achievable.

During development, we trained Yale’s content managers on the easy-to-manage Drupal CMS, allowing them to migrate content from the many sites being replaced by the new system and alleviating frustrations brought on by the complicated nature of managing 40 different systems.

Yale responsive view

The Result

The new is both a visually captivating and user-friendly website that harnesses the school’s storied brand, reminding visitors that Yale’s commitment to excellence is as firm in the digital world as it is on the hallowed campus grounds themselves.

And the client said it best themselves: “CHIEF was very professional and sensitive to dealing with different organizations with competing agendas, driving toward solutions. CHIEF delivered client satisfaction that I have rarely experienced, even in comparison with large management consulting firms. They have a broad and deep understanding of their areas of expertise. They are professional and pleasant to work with, and actually delivered what Yale needed within the agreed cost and timeframes.”

CHIEF Yale Project Team